Our guiding principles

Every employee in the company can rely on finding a working environment based on these guidelines. However, we also actively demand compliance with these guidelines from every employee.

We turn ideas into reality! 

In a sustainable, reasonable way!

Creative minds have plenty of space to run free here. We put ideas into practice in a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable way. In the process we make sure to ask the right questions: why are we doing this and whom are we doing it for? What does this mean to us?

We burn to spark your potential!

As managers we are role models. Each and every one of us needs to be aware of one thing: everything starts with me and my personal conviction. Our own enthusiasm will inspire others.

We believe in one another – and in ourselves!

Trust is the basis of our cooperation. We interact with one another without fear, with self-confidence, and on an equal footing. And because this is what characterises our dealings with one another, we dare to do great things and strike out beyond the usual boundaries.

We are bold enough to strive for the extraordinary – we learn from our mistakes!

We are pioneers, treading new paths, so we can allow ourselves to stumble once in a while. We give things a go and view mistakes as opportunities for improvement. The only way we can climb to the top as a company is through boldness and courage.

We help you stay afloat even in rough waters.

Challenge and encourage: the cornerstones of how we work together. We are quick to take responsibility for challenging tasks, we are always learning and developing, and we give our team the opportunity to evolve further too. This means that we can always depend on help and support from those around us, and we give the same in return.

Respect! We call things as they are.

Honesty is the foundation for growth. We take great care to ensure a respectful climate and we address problems with openness. Clear and binding guidelines make collaboration a lot smoother. We set great store by performance and put emphasis on positive developments.

Only together we can succeed! It’s me who makes the difference.

Each and every person in the team has a key part to play in reaching success and in the achievements of our company. We value individuals' interests and take responsibility for excellent collaboration and harmonious relationships.