Trodat Flash Quick Dry

We all have had that request from a customer on what options are available to stamp on some type of non-porous surface.

Glass, plastic, metal, even something as simple as coated paper all require a separate solution. Many times, these solutions can seem clunky, difficult, or unrealistic for the individual application. While you may not be able to solve every request, Trodat has the tools and supplies available to help you solve most of them.

Although you may get requests to stamp on some special substrates - glass, metal or plastics - most requests are for the more basic substrate types. Coated papers and photographs make up the lion's share of quick dry applications. Many times, no matter what the substrate being stamped on is, the only option is using a standard rubber stamp and a stamp pad. Some QD (Quick Dry) inks work in a self-inker, but you must be careful, as many of them do not react well with plastic. When sealed in a Ziplock bag, the ink fumes can break down the plastic parts, causing the stamps to malfunction, and then eventually stop working entirely.

But fear not... there are options! Trodat offers two flash stamp options that accept quick dry ink: Trodat Ultifast and the recently updated Trodat Ultimark, now with a newly developed quick dry flash ink. Flash technology has given us the ability to offer a general purpose quick dry ink in a stamp that does not require a stamp pad, and will dry on most coated papers within 60 seconds.

Trodat Ultifast is our original flash quick dry stamp. Available in two sizes and fitted with a “Tupperware” type cap to keep the ink from evaporating, the Ultifast is a great quick dry stamp for most general applications. It is light and compact, which makes stamping easy. Using a gram scale to ink the flashed foam, an Ultifast stamp will be ready within 10 minutes.

Alternatively, the new Ultimark QD flash stamp has added size options to the flash quick dry offering. There are six sizes of Ultimark, with the largest being 1-13/16” x 3-13/13”, making it one of the biggest quick dry pre-inked stamps available. Plus, the Ultimark manufacturing process is well known to many rubber stamp makers, so additional training should be minimal for your staff. After making the stamp, be sure to store it in a Ziplock bag to keep the stamp functioning and prevent it from drying out.

Pre-inked quick dry stamps are a great option for your customers. They are very convenient to make and easy to use. Interested in all of Trodat’s special stamp options, including our quick dry pre-inked stamps? Contact your Trodat Sales Representative for more information.

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