Introducing Stamp 'n Stick

The FUNctional way to mark all belongings.

Parents know all too well the problem of their kids coming home from school or other activities and missing some of their stuff. Whether it’s clothing, school supplies, a lunchbox, water bottle, pens and pencils, or even shoes… children are experts at misplacing or leaving personal items behind. And even if they are found by someone else, there’s rarely anything to identify the owner, so those items end up in a lost and found or thrown away altogether.

Trodat’s solution is Stamp ‘n Stick, a customizable identification kit that includes a colorful self-inking stamp, a set of DIY letters and fun motifs, a set of 36 labels in 2 sizes, and an iron-on fleece for dark laundry items. The Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick allows parents to personalize their children’s items to ensure that in the event they are left behind or lost, they can be easily identified and returned.

Simply stamp the child’s name or other identifier either directly onto the item, onto a label and then stick it onto whatever item needs identification, or use the included iron-on fleece for textiles that are dark colored. Stamp 'n Stick utilizes a special textile ink that has been dermatologically tested for safety on skin and durability when put through the washing machine or dishwasher.

Both parents and their kids will have fun creating the customized impressions together, making their Stamp ‘n Stick just as unique as they are. Refill Kits are available as well, and include a black ink cartridge, additional stickers and another strip of iron-on fleece.

Check out the video below to see Stamp 'n Stick in action.

Click on the flyer below to download it and use digitally on your website or to print locally for your customers.


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