Improve Warehouse Efficiency with New Ergonomic Outer Boxes for Printy Bestsellers

Thanks to the feedback from our customers, Trodat is happy to announce the improvements made in the outer boxes for Printy 4911, 4912 and 4913.

In addition to the convenient pull tab located around the outer box, the new design incorporates a frontal perforation. This smart feature provides easier access to the lower row of stamps nestled inside, ultimately improving the ergonomics and efficiency of your warehouse. By prioritizing the well-being of your valuable employees, this design enhancement can contribute to their long-term health and overall satisfaction.

The new outer boxes will be available for the Printy 4.0 4911, 4912 and 4913 (not applicable for the outer box of the models with closing cap). The first shipments will start in Q3/2023 (4911) and continue in Q4/2023 (4912 & 4913) as a rolling change.

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