Bold Impressions Flash Back: Pre-inked Stamps - Not A Flash In The Pan

We revisit one of our very first Bold Impressions posts and talk about pre-inked “flash stamps”, and how they differ from stamps that use traditional rubber dies.

Trodat pre-inked flash stamps MaxLight, PSI, and Superslim, derive their name from the innovative process use to produce their die. Like traditional rubber stamp dies, the artwork for pre-inked flash stamps is often designed using vector-based programs like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. However, instead of laser engraving the artwork onto the die plate like you would do for a traditional rubber stamp, the artwork for a pre-inked flash stamp is printed onto a sheet of vellum, a translucent material, using a desktop printer.

Next, the vellum and flash foam/die box are carefully positioned within a specialized "flash machine" called the Trodat T1511M. Once activated, the flash machine emits a brilliant flash of light that passes through the vellum, capturing a negative representation of the die artwork onto the flash foam. The flash foam/die box, now imprinted with the design, is then filled with ink. Once inked, the flash foam/die box is inserted into the flash stamp housing.

When it comes to the advantages, pre-inked flash stamps offer a plethora of benefits. In general, they provide sharper and crisper impressions, resulting in higher-quality and more professional-looking imprints. Not only that, but they also excel at producing larger impressions with utmost clarity. Another noteworthy aspect is their longer lifespan, allowing for a greater number of impressions before needing to be re-inked compared to self-inking stamps that utilize traditional rubber dies. Moreover, the convenience of internal ink storage is truly remarkable, eliminating the requirement of a separate stamp pad or replacement ink cartridges. With pre-inked flash stamps, re-inking becomes a hassle-free task whenever the need arises.


How to Produce a MaxLight S-Style Pre-Inked Stamp

How to Produce a PSI E-Style Pre-Inked Stamp

How to Produce a Superslim Pre-Inked Pocket Stamp

Both pre-inked flash stamps and traditional self-inking rubber stamps have their benefits. Regardless of which you and your customers prefer, Trodat has an extensive, world class offering of both, with sizes, shapes and ink colors sure to fit just about any desired application.

Be sure to check out all of the latest Flash Stamp Improvements that have been made to MaxLight, PSI and Super Slim pre-inked flash stamps, and don’t forget to log on to Order Manager and shop all of the great Trodat products we have available!

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