The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel stands for independent, transparent and ambitious labeling and differs from other product labels that, for example, only consider one criterion or are awarded by manufacturers themselves.

ID Protector & ID Protector+

Hide your personal information with just one roll!

Original Trodat Printy

The World's Best Selling Self-Inking Stamps

Trodat Professional 4.0

Stronger. Cleaner. Faster.

Trodat Pre-Inked MaxLight

Provides thousands of crisp, clear impressions.


Custom heavy metal stamps built for the toughest jobs.

Leave a mark on the page, not the planet.

Trodat makes a full line of eco-friendly stamps for a wide variety of applications.
Trodat Stamp 'N Stick

Stamp 'N Stick, in no time, helps parents put their children's names on all their belongings for a better chance of getting them back in the event that they are lost or stolen.

Trodat ID Protector

With Trodat’s ID Protector you can easily protect your personal information with just one roll. Trodat ID Protector+ comes as an additional product variant with integrated box and letter opener made from durable ceramic blades.

Trodat Professional 4.0

With its modern stainless steel look, this professional office stamp not only cuts a fine figure, but also performs well with its durability.

Trodat Printy

World class self-inking stamps produced using environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Introducing Stamp 'n Stick

The FUNctional way to mark all belongings.

From the Library of...

Embossing and stamping books to show ownership is as popular as ever, and Trodat offers the products that your customers will love using to do so.

Bold Impressions Flash Back: Pre-inked Stamps - Not A Flash In The Pan

We revisit one of our very first Bold Impressions posts and talk about pre-inked “flash stamps”, and how they differ from stamps that use traditional rubber dies.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency with New Ergonomic Outer Boxes for Printy Bestsellers

Thanks to the feedback from our customers, Trodat is happy to announce the improvements made in the outer boxes for Printy 4911, 4912 and 4913.

Guest Post: HC Brands - Sustainability Matters to Customers

Integrate Trodat’s Environmental Messaging into Your Marketing to Achieve Sales Growth and Deliver More Value

Trodat Flash Quick Dry

We all have had that request from a customer on what options are available to stamp on some type of non-porous surface.
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Trodat - always an original

Trodat products are originals through and through: more than 40 years ago, the introduction of the Trodat Printy 1, the first plastic self-inking stamp, revolutionised the stamp industry. Since then, more than 400 million Printy stamps have been sold worldwide, and innovations in the various product groups continue to follow: So that every customer can find the right stamp for them.


Gold Award for ID Protector

We are delighted to announce that our Trodat ID Protector has won the Gold Award at the CSID - China Stationery…

Printy Pastel Crème: Trodat nails it with color choice!

We are happy to announce that the Printy Pastel Crème resembles the pantone color of the year 2024 “Peach Fuzz”. …

Stamps Make Art

We recently reported on an artist who works with Trodat stamps. But you don't have to look into the distance - we…

The 1st Stamp to Receive the Blue Angel Award!

Trodat has already proven in the past that the topic of sustainability is very important. And as anchored in the…
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