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Mueller-Just family now holding 75% of Trodat Trotec Group





Press release - Mueller-Just family now holding 75% of Trodat Trotec Group


Focus on continued growth


Trodat Trotec Group has a new ownership structure. The two shareholding families, the Doppler and the Mueller-Just family have mutually agreed upon a new ownership structure: The Mueller-Just family takes over the Doppler family shares jointly with the Austrian ImWind Group.

Wels, February 01, 2018 

Trodat Trotec Group encompasses more than 35 international subsidiaries, with more than 1,500 employees worldwide, serving more than 150 countries. The company is the world's market leader in self-inking stamps and sets new standards in laser technology for engraving, marking, and cutting.

The Doppler and Mueller-Just families have jointly owned the Trodat Trotec Group until now, each holding a 50% share of the company. As of January 30, 2018, both owners have mutually agreed upon a new ownership structure. The Mueller-Just family takes over the Doppler family’s share, together with the Lower Austrian ImWind Group as a 25% shareholder. Under this deal, the Mueller-Just family becomes the main owner of Trodat Trotec Group, ensuring that the company remains in majority control of the family in the long run. At the same time, the family joins forces with the ImWind Group in a strong and business-minded partnership.
ImWind is an owner-managed group of companies whose main activity is in the field of renewable energy. As a business-minded co-owner, ImWind fully supports Trodat Trotec Groups ambitious growth strategy. 
Focus on continued growth
Both shareholders are interested in a sustainable development of the company and committed to its base in Upper Austria. Continuous growth remains the focus of the owners.

All involved parties have agreed to not disclose the purchase price. By taking over majority ownership of Trodat Trotec Group, the Mueller-Just family shows their strong emotional connection and responsibility towards the company. Trodat Trotec operates in a challenging and very dynamic international business environment. With the new ownership structure, the company is able to further pursue the ambitious growth strategy.

Trodat Trotec Group’s markets are global markets. The company continuously strives to improve its competitiveness internationally. With 35 subsidiaries worldwide, Trodat Trotec already has a strong international presence. The main sites in Upper Austria will continue to play a vital role as a center of innovation.
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