Successful recertification for the Austrian Ecolabel!

Years ago, we supplemented our environmental protection activities with the award of the Austrian Ecolabel. In addition to ongoing certification of new product developments, we have been faced with an exciting but also intense challenge in recent months:

The guidelines for office and school supplies are revised every 4 years by environmental and technical experts and in mid-2022 it was that time again. From pencils to paints, from rulers to stamps, the entire catalog of criteria has been reworked.

Starting with high quality standards, avoidance of chemical substances to the use of plastic recycles and environmentally friendly packaging - the strict criteria must be fulfilled for the materials used in the product! With almost 100 different products, we are talking about almost 400 raw materials that had to be positively confirmed for recertification.

And we did it: Our products from the areas of stamps, ink cartridges & hand stamp pads, as well as stamp inks were again awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for the Environment for the next 4 years!

The certificate can be downloaded from the Trodat Info portal at!

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