The story begins in 1912,

when Franz Just and his wife cooked stamping inks on the kitchen cooker and filled them into glass bottles, until finally, in 1912, they saved enough money to open a small business as stamp manufacturers in Vienna.

In 1960, his son Walter Just registered the Trodat product brand. Trodat is made up of the syllables Tro and Dat. Tro stands for trolitul - a plastic that was used to make stamps - and dat is an abbreviation for date stamp. The foundation stone for a global company was laid, the Trodat brand became synonymous with high-quality stamps - and our Printy is still the world's best-selling stamp to this day.

Founding in Vienna
Founding in Vienna—Franz Just opens a small business and starts as a stamp manufacturer
Production of plastic date stamps with the Trodat label
Marketing to other stamp manufacturers in Austria and initial exports to Germany and Switzerland
Relocation from Vienna to Wels
Basis for enhanced production and increased export activity, primarily in Europe
Trodat as product brand
The Trodat product brand is registered (Trodat becomes the company's name in 1968)
Introduction of first Printy generation
First self-inking stamp made of plastic! Revolutionizes the stamp industry and makes the self-inking stamp a best-seller
Introduction of second Printy generation
Further design and function development of the Original seamlessly continues the Printy 1's success story
Introduction of the Professional
Sets new standards for application/product features and design for stamps in the office
Foundation of the Trotec Laser business area
Laser technology revolutionizes text plate production and is disseminated through Trodat's international marketing network. At the same time, the first step in 'one-stop supplier' direction for the stamp manufacturer is taken.
Start of the Internet shop for stamps project
(today, uTypia Software Solutions) First shop solutions go online in the USA in mid 2000 and in Europe in late 2002.
Introduction of third Printy generation
New production methods enable the use of new materials for the first time. These set standards in ergonomics, haptics, and design.
Multi Color Impression
Trodat and Trotec develop a solution for the professional production of multicoloured stamps: patented and unique worldwide.
200 million Printys sold worldwide
Introduction of Original Printy 4.0
Trodat's long-standing commitment to the environment achieved a new dimension with the introduction of the new Printy generation: Trodat's main product is now climate-neutral. As standard.
Introduction of new Ideal Seal
Awarded twice as product of the year (ISAP 2015 & PBS 2016), the new Trodat Ideal Seal convinces not only with its wide range of applications and the modern design, but above all with effortless embossing and perfect impression quality.
The new Trodat Professional 4.0
Stronger. Cleaner. Faster. The Trodat Professional 4.0 convinces with its unique brushed stainless steel construction, an easy & clean ink cartridge replacement and faster & preciser date setting and alignment.
Award for high design quality
Designers and manufacturers from 59 nations submitted more than 6,300 objects to the Red Dot competition 2018, and the jury made its decision: The trodat Professional® 5460 received the coveted "Red Dot" award
"The best in their job - office supplies division"
trodat® made it onto the podium with third place in the category "The best in their job - office supplies category".
Walter Just Technikum
With the Walter Just Technikum as an additional production building, toolmaking, the training center or training workshop and other technical departments have a new home at trodat®.
At the same time, the entire production and material flow is optimized thanks to the improved infrastructure.