ISO Certification

​As part of a four-day audit by the independently accredited certification organisation TÜV Austria, the Trodat and Trotec Integrated Management System was reviewed and certified in 2018.

The existing processes and procedures and associated documentation were restructured and revised within the framework of a reorganisation project. The new revisions of the ISO Standards require a so-called high-level structure which focuses the corporate processes more strategically and contributes more to corporate controlling.

We are an international leader in stamp products and feel a particular obligation to our customers to be able to ensure that we meet their requirements through constant product and process development.

Our integrated management system of “quality - environment - energy - safety & health” exploits the synergies in various areas to meet holistic and sustainably high standards and to continually improve these. 

Strategic and valuable objectives, regular reviews and appropriate implementation activities ensure that we respond in a customer oriented way and follow ecological, economical and socially responsible precepts.

The certification is the independent confirmation of the successful implemented system.


TroGroup sees motivated and committed employees as one of the corner stones of its business success and position as a global market leader. The prerequisite for this is to maintain at a high level and continuously improve employee safety and thus the health of our employees. Therefore, the company is constantly striving to provide safe workplaces for its employees. In order to reduce the risk of illness and accidents at work to a minimum, all processes are subject to regular review. In addition, we offer our employees efficient and up-to-date working conditions that serve as the basis for employee satisfaction and motivation. We know the connection between the needs and the motivation of employees and develop appropriate target-oriented measures for employee retention.

Building on the recognition of, and compliance with, the United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the principles and legislation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and of national (employment) laws, Trodat Production Srl is committed to implement and comply with the requirements of the SA8000 international social standard.

The organisation is committed to develop and improve its processes and procedures on an ongoing basis, as required to meet SA8000. This policy statement is made available to all employees during SA8000 trainings and also through notices.