The group of companies known as TroGroup GmbH operates as leading global stamp business under the Trodat brand name, as leading global laser business under the brand name Trotec, and as leading global high-tech laser sources under the brand name Iradion.

Trodat is the world’s largest stamp manufacturer, Trotec is the global market leader in laser plotters for engraving, cutting and marking, and Iradion is the world market leader for ceramic CO2 laser sources.

In the business year 2023, TroGroup generated a turnover of EUR 303 million and employed around 1,970 people in 44 international subsidiaries worldwide, including around 580 people in Austria.

The group of companies is present in more than 150 countries, the export rate amounts to more than 98%. TroGroup is based in Wels in Upper Austria, where the most important stamp production site as well as the research and development facilities are located. The Trotec production and sales site is situated in Marchtrenk, just over a mile from Wels.

The TroGroup is 74.9% owned by the Müller-Just family foundations and 25.1% by owners of the Lower Austrian ImWind Group.




Mag. Bernd Badurek, MBA
Mag. Peter Köstler, MBA