The best impression is the sum of its parts

Ink cartridge with Trodat stamp ink

  • indelible standard inks
  • sharp-contoured impressions
  • full-surface coverage

Trodat laser rubber

  • excellent impression characteristics
  • excellent ink transfer
  • new laser rubber quality - AERO+

Trodat stamps

  • The right stamp for everyapplication
  • Award-winning design
  • Absolutely dependable handling

The best Trodat impression stands for innovation and continuous development:

  • New fine-pore structure ensures optimum ink application.
  • Trodat standard stamp inks with optimised hygroscopic properties and even more intense brilliance.
  • Trodat laser rubber with a new formula for excellent engraving and impression quality.
  • The Trodat stamp. In total: The best Trodat impression.

Best Impression