The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel stands for independent, transparent and ambitious labeling and differs from other product labels that, for example, only consider one criterion or are awarded by manufacturers themselves.

The Trodat family: Professional and Printy

The Originals for all occasions.

Easy wipe and white.

The Trodat whiteboard sponge is so ingenious and at the same time simple. With a quick movement of the hand, space can be created for new ideas, creative drawings and innovative concepts.

Stamp ‘N Stick

The FUNctional way to mark all belongings!

The Trodat stamping system

The best Trodat impression stands for innovation and continuous development.

The diverse product world from Trodat

Whether at work, at home or on the go - you will always find the right stamp in the large Trodat stamp range.
Stamp ‘N Stick

Stamp 'N Stick, in no time, helps parents put their children’s names in all their belongings for a better chance of getting them back once they are mysteriously gone.

Whiteboard Eraser

The Trodat Whiteboard Eraser is so ingenious and simple at the same time. With a quick movement of the hand, space can be created for new ideas, creative drawings and innovative concepts.


With its modern stainless steel look, this professional office stamp not only cuts a fine figure, but also performs well with its durability.

Mobile Typo

Trodat pocket stamps come to fulfil the needs of stamp users who are on the move and look for a stamp which is functional, easy to carry and always ready to use.


The Maxlight Pre-Inked line from Trodat will give you thousands of crisp and clear impressions no matter if bold logos or fine lines. 

Trodat Classic

Whether you require the stamp to feature a date, number, text or the time, you will find the perfect traditional stamp to fit your needs. The Classic handstamp pads create thousands of the best stamp impressions.

Trodat - always an original

Trodat products are originals through and through: more than 40 years ago, the introduction of the Trodat Printy 1, the first plastic self-inking stamp, revolutionised the stamp industry. Since then, more than 400 million Printy stamps have been sold worldwide, and innovations in the various product groups continue to follow: So that every customer can find the right stamp for them.

How do you want to use your new stamp?

It is not difficult to find what you are looking for in the large Trodat stamp range. We have the right product for every stamp user, for every situation, for every condition.

The 1st stamp to receive the blue angel award!

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NEW! Trodat Whiteboard Eraser

We are very pleased to present a new Trodat product:
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