The original trodat printy 4.0 - the first stamp to receive the Blue Angel Award!

ID Protector & ID Protector+

Hide your personal information with just one roll!

At Work

Dive into our stamp world and find the perfect stamp for your application needs.


Whether at work, at home or on the go - you will always find the right stamp in the large Trodat stamp range.
ID Protector & ID Protector+

With Trodat’s ID Protector you can easily protect your personal information with just one roll. Trodat ID Protector+ comes as an additional product variant with integrated box and letter opener made from durable ceramic blades.


Stamps vs stickers

We agree with CEO Today when they state that, "product packaging plays a crucial role in business marketing and branding efforts." Gone are the days of packaging being a means to an end in terms of getting the product to the customer safely. With so many similar brands and product offerings out there, packaging helps to differentiate you from your competitors.

Self-inking stamp v's traditional rubber stamps

When we say we specialise in rubber stamps our focus and what we are best known for is our range of self-inking stamps. We can hear you asking, what is a self-inking stamp? Well, it really is just that, a stamp that inks itself. The stamp pad is built into the stamp meaning you don’t need a separate pad to make your mark. 

Low investment, high impact affordable printed packaging

Let's pose the question, does packaging have an impact on your brand? Packaging is a powerful vehicle of communication between your brand and your customer. It is more than the box or bag that contains your product, it is the whole experience from receiving the package to the look, the feel, the quality, it all adds to the customer experience.
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