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stamp pads

TRODAT Hand stamp pads

The Classic Hand Stamp Cartridges from Trodat create thousands of the best stamp imprints. Trodat offers a variety of sizes with synthetic housing and now with a high-quality metal cover. Both Classic Hand Stamp Cartridge lines boast a new, modern design, with eco-friendly plastic parts made of at least 95% recycled plastic, as well as the water-based ink in the felt cartridge indelible in accordance with DIN ISO 14145-2.

Trodat fingerprint pad

The Trodat fingerprint cartridges guarantee thousands of sharp-edged, durable and waterproof fingerprints on paper. The ink is dermatologically tested and can be removed by simply rubbing the fingers.


To remove water-based Trodat standard stamp inks, the following is recommended, depending on the affected surface finish:

Smooth, non-absorbent surfaces: ​wipe with water, possibly soap or mild solvent-free cleaning agent. 

Absorbent materials such as textiles: soak with soapy water and rub or brush and repeat with polar solvent, e.g. alcohol. ATTENTION: first test the compatibility of the substrate with the solvent (on a small, non-visible area).

Skin: Soapy water and rub or brush​