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Laser rubber


​Aero+ is the logical advancement of the successful and odourless Aero laser rubber. The readapted material formula saves filter costs and makes cleaning easier due to minimal dust residue when processing with the laser. The significantly softer Aero+ is not only suitable for delicate designs, it also delivers top impression quality for bold letters and full-surface designs. Aero+, which produces no odour while engraving, works for water-based as well as solvent-based and slightly acidic inks.​

Sizes: A4/2.3 mm and A3/2.3 mm 
Colour: Pearl grey
Hardness: 52 ShA

AERO+ 5MM ​The Aero+ 5mm is the first choice for large-scale impression layouts on cardboard boxes, paper bags and packaging. 
With the Aero+ 5mm you can offer boutiques and small businesses the perfect alternative if promotional products require minimum purchase quantities that are too large.
Individual impressions can be made by the customers themselves in the highest quality and in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way.
The Aero+ material formula boasts low-odour production, minimal dust formation, easy cleaning and low filter costs.

Format: A4/5mmm
Colour: pearl grey
Hardness: 52 Sha


Aero Laser Rubber 

Odour development from laser processing of text plate rubbers belongs in the past. While low-odour products were previously associated with significant loss of productivity in engraving speed, Trodat offers odourless engraving at full efficiency with the Aero. It's suitable for water-based, solvent-based, and slightly acidic ink, is especially simple to clean, and is characterised by excellent engraving and imprint quality.

Sizes: A4/2.3 mm and A3/2.3 mm
Colour: light grey
Hardness: 60 ShA



Tempo Laser Rubber 

Do you want to create productivity reserves without immediately having to invest in machines or personnel? The Tempo is one of the fastest inscribable text-plate rubbers. It therefore enables you to increase your capacity. It's suitable for water based ink and guarantees excellent engraving and imprint quality.

Sizes: A4/2.3 mm and A3/2.3 mm
Colour: orange
Hardness: 55 ShA


Eco Laser Rubber 

All products from Trodat are responsibly manufactured. In addition the Trodat Eco consists of natural rubber— a renewable raw material. It's suitable for water based ink and guarantees excellent engraving and imprint quality.

Size: A4/2.3 mm
Colour: green
Hardness: 55 ShA



Classico Laser Rubber 

The Classico is, as the name implies, the classic among laser rubbers. It's the ideal product for every stamp producer who expects excellent engraving and imprint quality, but has no need for odourless or time-saving engraving. It's suitable for water-, solvent-based, and slightly acidic ink.

Sizes: A4/2.3 mm and A4/1.5 mm (for Goldring)
Colour dark grey
Hardness: 60 ShA



Olio Laser Rubber 

Trodat has developed a laser rubber for oil-based inks so that stamp producers can accommodate all possible market requirements. The Olio is suitable for water-based and slightly acid ink. It doesn't swell up with oil inks either and it offers excellent engraving and imprint results.

Size: A4/2.3 mm
Colour: black
Hardness: 55 ShA



Micro Laser Foam 

Use only the best text-plate material for your pre-inked stamp. The Trodat Micro's laser-inscribable, microporous foam offers very good absorption behaviour and an ideal surface structure. Therefore it meets the highest demands for engraving and imprint quality.

Size: A4/6 mm
Colour: black