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Benefit from proven advantages:

The replacement ink cartridge 6/58 announces more Professional 4.0 models!

​The success story of Trodat Professional continues. Further models from the range are already being developed and will go on sale as Professional 4.0 in December 2018.​

A total of 5 existing models are technically perfected with the same stamp size. In addition the product portfolio will be expanded with 2 new models based on this size. As a result, they share the new Trodat replacement ink cartridge 6/58.

As early as 2016, selected models were equipped with the “non-touch pad” to ensure a 100% clean and simple ink cartridge replacement. 

The advantages speak for themselves, perfection through simple ink cartridge replacement - for all Trodat stamp users:

  • A protective guard strip prevents “stained fingers”
  • Non-slip double grip handle
  • Smooth ink cartridge replacement
  • A grip handle on the ink cartridge cover makes removing the lid easier
  • More robust cartridge housing
  • Optimised guidance and locking system

The new replacement ink cartridge 6/58 will be available starting from June 2018 under the same item number as before. The rolling change guarantees a smooth transition phase for the replacement ink cartridges to the new Professional 4.0 models by the end of the year. 

The details at a glance: 

In time for the product launch of the subsequent Professional 4.0 sizes, you will receive additional communication materials to support your sales launch. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Trodat sales representative.