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Trodat acquires Millennium Marking Company in the United States




Trodat acquires MMC in Chicago Illinois USA

On 29 May 2015 the day had finally come - with the acquisition of the Millennium Marking Company MMC in Chicago, Illinois, Trodat is expanding internationally, in the important US market.
MMC is the No. 3 on the US stamp market, currently has about 50 employees and is, in its own words, leader in Flash stamps, i.e. pre-inked stamps, where the ink is already integrated into the text plate, so that no separate ink pad is required. Text plates are customised by means of exposure (Flash).
With the acquisition of MMC, Trodat has not only secured the know-how of the technology leader in Flash stamps (Maxlight, PSI brands) but is also expanding significantly in the important US market.
ILC Innovative Laminations Company – new at Trotec
Currently the Trodat Trotec Group acquired even two leading companies in the United States: In addition to MMC Millenium Marking Company within the stamp sector also ILC Innovative Laminations Company within the laser sector, the US expert for laminated plastics.
With these acquisitions, the entire Trodat Trotec Group's market position is further strengthened and substantially expanded.