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Trodat is Pleased to Introduce a New Ink Cartridge for the Professional Range

The new Trodat Replacement Ink Cartridge 6/15.

​​In December 2019, new Trodat Professional 4.0 models will be launched. 
In addition, we are adding a special feature to the proven advantages of Trodat's ink cartridges for Professional models that will benefit end customers and stamp makers: 
The newly developed ALL-IN-ONE platform solution.

The conversion from the previous stamp model to the premium product will start as usual with the replacement ink cartridge. A smooth replacement is thus guaranteed within the necessary lead time.

The new 6/15 replacement ink cartridge will be available starting in September 2019. It will keep the current product number and will be backwards compatible with the 5415 and 5215 Professional 3 models. 

As a "NON-touch pad," it offers all the product features that ensure 100% clean and easy ink cartridge replacement:

  • A protective guard strip prevents “stained fingers”
  • Non-slip double grip handle
  • Smooth ink cartridge replacement
  • A grip handle on the ink cartridge cover makes removing the lid easier
  • More robust cartridge housing
  • Optimised guidance and locking system

The practical ALL-IN-ONE platform solution provides more flexibility and allows you to offer a large number of impression sizes with just one stamp model each! 

The printing plate size markings on the pre-assembled self-adhesive blank make this possible:


54045 Professional 4.0 date stamp

52045 Professional 4.0 text stamp

45 mm round (current 5415)

45 mm round (current 5215)

42 mm round new!

42 mm round new!

40 mm round (current 54140)

40 mm round (current 52040)

45x30 mm oval new!

45x30 mm oval new!

40x30 mm oval new!

40x30 mm oval new!

The Professional 4.0 which will be available at the end of the year will also be compatible with the new Trodat 6/15 replacement ink cartridge.

The 6/52040 replacement ink cartridge will remain on the market with its colour variants for the 54140, 52040 and 52040 Typo Professional models.

If you have any questions, please contact your Trodat sales representative or customer service.