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The new TRODAT PROFESSIONAL 4.0 is very impressive

TRODAT PROFESSIONAL 4.0: the new premium stamp generation for office applications.

Following the successful launchof the ProfessionalTM 4.0 sizes and models 5460, 5460/L, 5206, 5204, 5465 DIY in January, the models 5430, 5430/L, 5431, 5200, 5435 DIY, 5203, 5440, 5440L, 5253, 5030, 5546, 5466/PL, 5117, 5558, 55510, 5558PL, 55510/PL in a brushed stainless steel design followed in June and July.
Easy mounting of the text plate and the fast and clean date setting are only some of the benefits of the new ProfessionalTM 4.0. We have a variety of product feature videos, 360° photos, advertising material, web banners or advertisements for your market launch:
·       360° photos
·       Web banners
·       Application videos, how-to videos, launch video, end user video
·       Posters
·       Advertisements
·       Specialist dealer folder
·       End user folder
·       Mailing card
Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to customising the brushed stainless steel of the Trodat ProfessionalTM 4.0 through laser engraving techniques. The personalised finish provides an added benefit for end users and the high-quality customisation option allows specialist dealers to offer an extra value adding service.
You can find promotional documents for end users here and for specialist dealers here.