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Trodat Professional 5212

Because Size Matters

With an imprint size of 116 x 70 mm the Professional 5212 is the perfect stamp for large imprints. Whether for large logos or tables, its size opens up many new text plate design opportunities. One of its main fields of application are tables. This is particularly advantageous in warehousing, quality assurance or accounting-related activities. The Professional 5212 is highly versatile, and thanks to its size and the already integrated ink pad it can replace large hand stamps that rely on hand stamp ink pads.
The Trodat Professional 5212 is available in the following different versions:
  • Text stamp without date
  • Text stamp with double date
  • Text stamp with date left
  • Text stamp with date centred
  • Text stamp with date right
This allows you to customise your text plate to perfectly meet your needs.
Just like all other Trodat Professional products the 5212 stamp is perfect for daily office use and ensures clean and precise imprints.
All product information at a glance:
  • Trodat Professional 5212
  • 116 x 70 mm
  • Ergonomic handle for daily use
  • Soft and round punch movement
  • Built-in ink cartridge: simple and clean ink cartridge change, will not dry out, no separate ink pad required
  • The steel core ensures high durability and wear resistance
  • Impressions are easy to place
  • Ecological and sustainable: climate-neutral, as standard
Please contact your Trodat sales representative, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information.
Available for delivery from February 2016