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The new Trodat laser rubber

Trodat Soft

Trodat Soft

Is there currently a laser rubber, which provides the solution for all applications? Probably not.
Therefore, Trodat has developed a product range of laser rubber that meet all requirements.


In February 2014 Trodat will introduce another laser rubber to the market, complementing the product range perfectly.


The significant name Soft refers to the low hardness of the laser rubber which is only 50 Shore A. Thus, the laser rubber allows perfect imprint quality with bold letters and holohedral designs.


Another important feature of the Trodat laser rubber Soft is that the engraving process causes only a very low odor.


The engraving of the laser rubber happens as fast as with standard laser rubber, guaranteeing a high efficiency.


The Trodat laser rubber Soft is ideal for water-based, solvent-based and slightly acidic ink, therefore, allowing a variety of applications.

For more information, please ask your Trodat contact person.