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We do without plastic carrier bags!

Paper Bags

From the middle of 2019, Trodat will be replacing plastic carriers with paper bags. Plastic is a versatile raw material. However, the increasing consumption of single-use, disposable products has a significant environmental impact. Mineral oils are used in their manufacture and it can take decades or even centuries for them to degrade naturally. Add to this the pollution of nature and of the world’s oceans. Trodat replaced new polyethylene packaging with recyclate PET several years ago. This so-called reclaimed material is 100% recyclable. 

But now we want to go one step further and we say goodbye to plastic carrier bags forever. As a member of the Austrian Ecolabel, we take part in the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism’s Ecolabel Day on 5th June. We mark the occasion under the motto “Together for environment and climate - avoid plastic waste!” and supply paper carrier bags (dimensions 35x26 +12cm, order number 123710) with immediate effect.