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New Trodat Hand Stamp Pads

Perfect stamp imprints, eco-friendly, premium design


​Trodat is renewing and expanding its Classic range of hand stamp ink pads. In addition to the Classic hand stamp ink pads with synthetic housing, a new Classic line with a high-quality metal cover is now available.

At the same time, the original Classic hand stamp ink pad housing made of plastic now boasts a new modern design that is manufactured in an eco-friendly way by using at least 95% recycled plastic.

Additionally, the synthetic line now includes a fourth size – the A5 format. The A5 format is a response to the trend to replace plastic bags with environmentally friendly paper carrier bags. Ideal for boutiques and smaller shops who use stamps to imprint large areas of paper carrier bags and packaging. Individual, large-format imprints that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and of the highest quality can now be achieved by the customer.

The new Classic hand stamp ink pad line with a metal cover stands out due to its premium metal design. The three sizes of this Classic line give the modern desk a stylish accent that is perfect for users with the highest standards.

What do the two product lines have in common? Best Trodat-quality stamp imprints, water-based, indelible ink in accordance with DIN ISO 14145-2, capacity for thousands of clean stamp impressions thanks to the large die box.

Additionally, the ink pad can be used in any climatic condition due to the hygroscopic properties of the ink – it uses ambient humidity to refresh itself. The easily recognisable ink pad colour marking on the housing is also new in the design, while the new design also makes one-hand operation possible again thanks to its optimal ergonomics – practical!

Ink cartridges are available in the standard colours black, red, green, blue and purple as well as uninked in robust felt material for use with solvent-based and oil-based stamp inks.

Classic hand stamp ink cartridges with synthetic housing:
​Stamp imprints in best Trodat quality for environmentally conscious work in the office

9051 -  9x5 cm                /Rolling Change Q1 2020
9052 - 11x7 cm               /Rolling Change Q1 2020
9053 - 16x9 cm               /Rolling Change Q1 2020
9054 - 21x14.8 cm (A5)  /December 2019

Classic hand stamp ink cartridges with metal cover:
Stamp imprints for the highest standards, featuring a premium metal design 

9051M -  9x5 cm              /December 2019
9052M - 11x7 cm             /December 2019
9053M - 16x9 cm             /December 2019