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PRINTY 4810, 4836, 4850

The most sold Trodat Printy Dater gets a fresh look!

Along ​with its companions Printy 4836 Numberer & Printy 4850 Dater with Text, the Printy 4810 Dater gets a new look!

The new design has features which make the stamp more ergonomic, such as the grip zone for a better handling, the bigger and smoother wheels for a comfortable date setting with clean fingers and a flat head for an easy text plate mounting in the case of the 4850. All of these of course while improving the core characteristics that makes this stamp so popular: a small stamp with a strong base plate promising durability and a very long lifetime.

The replacement cartridges are well known and continue as in the past: Compatible are 6/4910 and 6/4850. The 6/4850/2 is optional for a 2-color impression with a blue impression and red highlighted date.

The new versions will be introduced using the same product codes as the current ones. This is a hassle free change for you as our customers do not need to worry on changing anything in their systems. The new versions are being delivered automatically as from mid September 2019.