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New Printy 4.0 4926

The biggest Trodat Printy Text Stamp is now a Printy 4.0!

​The smallest, the most popular and now the biggest Trodat Printy are Printy 4.0! With an impression size of 75 x 38 mm, the 4926 Printy offers a vast space in which to be creative, at the moment of personalizing the text and logos; and is also MCI Compatible!

Its premium, modern design highlights the Printy 4.0 look. A sleek front side with an IMD Foil, to ensure the authenticity of “the original” and with the product logo in an elegant silver. On both sides the soft touch elements enable an ergonomic handling and a better grip. On the back, the stamp can be locked in two positions: perfect for text plate mounting and for ink cartridge change. Furthermore, the ink cartridge itself, relaunched in September, has been equipped with handles so your fingers stay clean when you insert and change the pad.

Specially for our Rubber stamp makers, the outstanding features continue.  For easy & fast text plate mounting, the stamp stands stable on its head, the text plate holder has been elevated and the squared adhesive foil helps you to mount the text plate straight.

A Printy 4.0 offers a variety of customization possibilities! In addition to the trodat logo, you can have your own company logo as a pad print, silver embossing or by laser engraving.

As if it was not already enough, the new 4926 Printy 4.0 is also environmentally friendly. The stamp is not only Climate Neutral as Standard, but it has been awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel*.

*Austrian Ecolabel certification in process. Except for stamps with blue & violet ink.