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Austrian Ecolabel & Trodat

The Austrian Ecolabel is a success story of environmental policy and trodat is a part of it

Since the establishment of the Austrian Ecolabel in 1990, environment-friendly products and services have conquered the market. The Ecolabel covers a wide range of topics: from traditional products and tourism to educational institutions and kindergartens.

The Ecolabel has played a major role in shaping this change: With the Ecolabel guidelines, ecological standards have been defined for 80 product groups, shaping product development and ensuring transparent and credible consumer information.

More than 1050 licensees of the Austrian Ecolabel demonstrate the dynamic development and high acceptance of the Austrian Ecolabel.

The Austrian Ecolabel makes comprehensive demands in terms of:

■ Quality, usability, durability
■ Health and safety for humans
■ Environment (ecological criteria)

With the Austrian Ecolabel, we expanded the pool of our environmental protection measures in 2018 and we were able to obtain the Austrian Ecolabel for more than 80 Trodat products in October 2018.
And new products are constantly being added, such as the following products in February 2020:

  • Trodat Professional 52045 text stamp

  • Trodat Professional 54045 date stamp

  • Trodat hand stamp pad 9054
  • Trodat ink cartridges 6/15

(Except for products with blue and violet inks, with Multi Colour Impression inks and in blister packs)