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The success story of the Professional 4.0 continues with additional new models

Outstanding product features paired with award-winning design ensure the highest customer satisfaction. That's right – we are talking about the Trodat Professional 4.0. Following the introduction of the first models in
2017 and the expansion of the Professional 4.0 portfolio in 2018, additional technically perfected Professional
4.0 models with round text plates will follow in December 2019.

We are also being innovative by implementing the new Professional 4.0 with a round text plate:
The practical ALL-IN-ONE platform solution offers you more flexibility and allows you to offer multiple print
sizes with using just one stamp model!

The text plate size markings on the pre-assembled self-adhesive part make this possible:


54045 Professional 4.0 Date stamp

52045 Professional 4.0 Text stamp

45 mm round (currently 5415)

45 mm round (currently 5215)

42 mm round new!

42 mm round new!

40 mm round (currently 54140)

40 mm round (currently 52040)

45x30 mm oval new!

45x30 mm oval new!

40x30 mm oval new!

40x30 mm oval new!

And of course, all new Trodat Professional 4.0 models also stand for climate neutrality as standard as well as being manufactured with technically the highest proportion of recycling material and 100% green electricity in Austria.


1. High-quality stainless steel in a unique design for the highest stability and durability

2. New type of pad protection guarantees clean fingers when changing the date or replacing the ink cartridge

3. Special grip zones and slim stamp design for easy and quick date change

4. Superior ergonomics thanks to light weight, damping elements and ergonomically shaped handle​