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Trodat Werte 



Cooperation with customers, suppliers, and employees, every decision made - everything happens at Trodat and Trotec in line with corporate values. Innovation, valuation, and results orientation are the basis for successful work past and future.  

The Original is number 1

We're the Original. And we're number 1 in the stamp market and the laser business. Our job is to be the entire industry's motor. We bear responsibility for our customers' success and therefore for our own success. Our heritage gives us the future. We must remain the best in our market.
That's what we're doing! With heart and mind, with technology and design, with knowledge and ideas and with discipline and joy.


Customer Orientation
We create material and added value for our customers, securing profit and a lead in the market for them. In this, we are better than everybody else, since we win our customers as co-designers of products and business processes and, therefore, as loyal partners. Transparency and a genuine interest in people and their cultures are the perquisites for this. We have the unconditional will to always offer our customers the most attractive and most innovative products and services.

Result Orientation
Only if we secure our economic results in the long term can we maintain our claim for leadership. Permanent adjustment of cost and benefit, of expenditure and yield is therefore part of all our decisions. In thinking and acting, each of us takes responsibility for a positive corporate result. The better the economic management of the company, the more convincingly can we secure and extend our worldwide leadership position again and again. A positive result assures successful continuity of the company and prolongs job security. 

Staff Orientation
Our team consists of personalities who, with competence and commitment, contribute to the uniqueness of the Trodat and Trotec brands. We realise the social significance of our actions and are enthusiastic about long-term goals. In return, the company creates a framework that promotes team spirit and top performances, where everybody is happy to assume responsibility. As a company, it is important to us that every one of us works in the area of his or her personal strengths and is advanced in this. We make successes visible and celebrate them together. Working with us gives a person added value, high social prestige, and meaning.

Leading through innovation
Today, customers do not simply buy products; they put their trust in strong brands and reliable systems that guarantee a winning margin for them. We set new standards because we know our markets, but still stay inquisitive. For us, innovation means constantly making processes, products and services more attractive and, therefore, our customers more successful. The sense of responsibility for the environment, climate protection and sustainable development is deeply rooted in our innovation culture. With us, innovation may never stop; it is the most efficient tool to further extending our market position.


Zest for taking responsibility
Working in the Trodat group means being able to actively participate in structuring the company, and taking responsibility. I know my field of work best and contribute my own ideas. I am familiar with the areas of responsibilities of the colleagues working directly with me. When I wish to change something, I coordinate my ideas and proposals for improvement with them, and make sure that a decision is made quickly.

Appreciation as the basis
We trust in our abilities. And we trust in the abilities of our colleagues. Trust and confidence create joy and courage to tackle the challenges we face on the way to achieving our goals. Openness and honesty creates a good working environment, whilst recognition and appreciation allow room for constructive criticism and differing opinions. Mutual interest in the life and the personality of the other person – across all levels – is an essential characteristic of our culture.