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Trodat and the environment

Introducing energy management under ISO 50001:2011

​An energy management system (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001:2011 has increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions as its main objectives.

An international standard is involved here that is being voluntarily introduced in the company and that is generally not subject to any external certification requirement. Such a management system includes not only energy data management and the implementation of individual technical measures, but also strategic and organisational management approaches. It creates the prerequisites for consciously controlling energy consumption through organisational and technical measures and thus continuously improving energy-related performance.
An EnMS is basically applicable to all companies regardless of size or industry. When such a management system is introduced, the company's energy-related state is subjected to a comprehensive survey (initial review or actual-state analysis). Here issues such as the classification of energy data, identification of the main energy consumers, or the analysis of energy costs are considered.

Based on this initial survey, specific suggestions are then calculated for energy-saving measures.  Their effectiveness is reviewed in terms of continuous improvement.
An energy management system is therefore the organisational framework for repeatedly dealing with the optimisation of energy flows within the company. This is done not only to generate additional cost savings, but also to make a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection.


Continuously improving energy efficiency and sustainably reducing energy consumption is one of Trodat's key strategic concerns. Careful use of resources in daily activities enjoys the highest priority here. In addition, the energy-efficient purchasing of products and services is of particular importance. Trodat assumes responsibility in the area of reducing energy-relevant greenhouse gas emissions and strives to promote the use of renewable energy sources. Providing the resources and information required to achieve these objectives as well as the involvement of all employees is an important step. Compliance with legal energy regulations constitutes the basis for such management system introduction at Trodat.