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User Comfort & Cleanliness. Guaranteed.

The new Trodat Professional

The New Trodat Professional

The Trodat Professional is the perfect stamp for daily office use and ensures clean and precise imprints. For decades it has stood for reliability and professionalism. Accurate workmanship and high-quality materials make it an enduring champion in the Trodat product range.

Now Trodat is setting new standards with the Professional in terms of the comfort and cleanliness it offers stamp users.

The innovative high performance date bands of the new Trodat Professional guarantee brilliant imprints, and in combination with the band cover, also clean fingers due to the patented coating.

In addition, care was taken to ensure that the new Trodat Professional makes setting the date simple and error-free. The date bands therefore have been modified in such a way that it is only possible to select actual dates.

The drive wheels used for setting the date have also been optimised to better meet customers' needs. For example, the geometry of the drive wheels has been changed in such a way that setting the date now feels much more comfortable.

The most visible changes to the look of the new Trodat Professional are its black colour and the silver lettering used for the logo. These, along with its solid steel core, further emphasise the product's high quality with regard to reliability and durability.

In addition, an innovative Speedbox package was developed for the new Professional. The package has a reinforced construction and can be opened laterally, so as to make handling even easier for stamp makers and customers.

The New Trodat Professional - User Comfort & Cleanliness. Guaranteed.