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Trodat ID Protection Stamp

Trodat Datenschutzstempel

Protection against identity theft

The Trodat ID Protection Stamp reliably and conveniently helps protect against data, or identity theft. The high quality Trodat impression will cover any sensitive or confidential information. The Original Printy 4.0 has a crystal-clear positioning window that enables strategically placed impressions, whilst the transparent bottom edges allow for precise alignment on the document.

The stamp comes pre-assembled with text plate and inserted pad, allowing for immediate use.
The Trodat ID Protection Stamp, with the appealing Original Printy 4.0 design, is easy to use. It eliminates the need for shredding, as well as unnecessary power consumption, helping to protect confidential data before recycling.
In addition, the practical ID Protection Stamp is just like the rest of the Original Trodat Printy 4.0 family, climate-neutral, as standard!
Soft-touch elements ensure the stamp is easy to use. Two special grip zones allow pad changes without touching the ink reservoir for guaranteed clean fingers. The ability to change the ink pad will prolong the life of your stamp.
The Trodat ID Protection Stamp, with an impression size of 47 x 18 mm, is available now.
Please contact your Trodat sales representative for further information.