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Best of uTypia - the highlights 2012

Best of uTypia 2012



Safira Timbri Online Shop


Huddle Online Shop


NSI Distribution Shop


Turun Online Shop


Stempel4All Online Shop


Saperas Online Shop


Staples UK Shop


Friends Business Source Shop


Best of uTypia 2012

Let's have a look at the uTypia highlights of 2012.


Among many successful shops there are some that should be mentioned particularly, see for yourself:






Safira Timbri


Safira Timbri has been working intensively on the individual design of the shop since the go-live of the uTypia Consumer store in late June. The page is improved continuously, Safira Timbri designed many web parts and is offering constantly newly designed products. 


Safira Timbri Online Shop  





The first uTypia shop in Japan is quite new to the market. Huddle takes over the leading role and has been online since the beginning of October:


Huddle uTypia Consumer Shop





NSI Distribution


Even more growth in Asia: The NSI Distribution Stamp Shop is live and thus the first uTypia Consumer Store in Malaysia!


NSI Distribution uTypia Shop









The first uTypia Consumer Shop in Scandinavia is online: Turun in Finland has been live already for a year now!


Visit Turun's uTypia site!







Stempel4All's starting page is very well-arranged. Clear structure, professional design - The Stempel4All Shop makes it really easy for customers to navigate.


Have a look at Stempel4All






The colorful, fresh Spanish stamp online store Saperas is continuously expanded and improved. The starting page contains of a unique and attractive design -


 see for yourself!





Staples UK


Staples UK uses both the uTypia Web2Print Editor for personalized products such as business cards and the uTypia copy shop solution for online ordering of finished printed materials including a price calculation tool.


Staples UK Shop




Friends Business Source


Since April 2012 Friends Business Source has been using uTypia's integration with ECinteractive for custom products. A few months later more than 90% of their custom stamp orders are coming in via their uTypia site. Like that, Friends is realizing considerable savings.  Congratulations to the successful implementation of the Friends uTypia site!