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Best of Trodat Next 100 Years

Trodat Next 100 Years


Best of Trodat Next 100 Years

​2012 — Trodat’s anniversary year: 100 years Original. 

The comprehensive anniversary programme accompanied all worldwide activities during the year under the motto Trodat –The Next 100 Years. The official start of the anniversary year took place almost a year ago at the Paperworld 2012 trade fair with Trodat’s and Trotec’s corresponding trade-fair appearance in Frankfurt/Main. Not only was the entire exhibition stand eye-catchingly decked out for the anniversary, but the international Trodat customer event was, with record attendance, devoted to market leader Trodat’s centenary celebration.
Trodat Next 100 Years international customer event
Numerous customer events were held in the months following the launch event in Frankfurt, not just here on the continent but also overseas - especially in South America, where Trodat’s anniversary was widely celebrated and commemorated.
Anniversary also highly visible at headquarters in Wels
But at its headquarters in Wels it was obvious that Trodat was celebrating its 100-year anniversary. The anniversary was seen as an occasion to renew, expand and upgrade the company’s headquarters in Upper Austria.
The outside area of Trodat's main building was redesigned: as well as the entire reception area of the Trodat Pyramid inside and out, the basement areas including the consulting room and hall and even a showroom was refurbished for Trodat and Trotec. The outside area of the Marketing building across the way was also remodelled and redesigned.
LED lighting technology — because life is colourful
The next part of the conversion involved remodelling the metal façade on the main building with LED lighting technology. The Marketing building’s garden was also incorporated here. This new LED light façade on Linzer Strasse still stands as a visible statement from the company that Trodat will be the market leader for the next 100 years too — in keeping with the anniversary motto: “The Next 100 Years”. The whole facility consists of 100 LED light rods, 85 of which are on the main building’s stainless steel façade and 15 coloured light pylons across from the Marketing building. The installation also honours the 100-year success story with 100 light rods.
LED lighting technology was implemented inside Trodat’s main building, too. The communication theme behind it is Trodat’s multi-colour technology for Multi Colour Impression: Individual coloured stamps ... because life is colourful. This also visually symbolises and thematically transports the new LED installations both inside and out.
The 100th birthday — key date October 1st 2012 
The fact that Trodat was celebrating its 100th birthday wasn’t just obvious here in Upper Austria. Employees were greeted with colourful balloons and beach flags at the entrances of the buildings in all our global subsidiaries; at each employee’s personal work area there was a little birthday cake with personal words from Walter Just — the son of the company’s founder, Franz Just: a minor logistical challenge with around 1100 employees worldwide.
October 1st 2012—10am press conference 
A press conference was organised on the day of the 100th anniversary. Journalists from the regional media (daily and weekly press) were all invited but paper, office supplies and stationery industry technical editors from Germany came too. After the press conference, the visitors were directed to the new showroom with presentation of the systematic process of Trodat + Trotec + uTypia = multi-coloured stamps.
Initial anniversary reports about the centenary appeared in the online press that same afternoon and in numerous newspapers and magazines the following Tuesday. They were then later feautred in international trade magazines too. The whole media echo of the organised press conference was extremely impressive. 
October 1st 2012—Trotec groundbreaking
The new Trotec company building was due to open exactly on the 100th birthday. This groundbreaking step was a clear sign in accord with the anniversary motto – “The Next 100 Years”. 
Trodat employee party—October 19th 2012
The employees’ anniversary party was part of the absolute high point of the anniversary year. Celebrations didn’t just take place at the international subsidiaries: by far the biggest party took place on October 19th 2012 in Upper Austria with around 500 participants in keeping with the ‘Oktoberfest’ in Castle Eggenbert/Vorchdorf. 
Best of Trodat – The Next 100 Years
It would have been impossible to seamlessly document the entire anniversary year and all the events that occurred. The numerous activities and promotions were too diverse and comprehensive and distributed around the whole world. Nevertheless, a film with the title ‘Best of Trodat Next 100 Years’ was made in the form of an entertaining compilation for the anniversary year. In addition, a ‘Friendship Book’ documenting all of the anniversary year’s international employees in a somewhat different way was presented to each employee.
In memoriam Walter Just
Walter Just, son of company founder Franz Just, was part of Trodat up to the anniversary year’s climax — the big employee anniversary party. Even more, he embodied Trodat and so was the fatherly role model for all of the Trodat Group’s employees around the world. Walter Just died unexpectedly about a month after the big anniversary celebration. We’ll miss him but he leaves behind a strong foundation for the future of us all at Trodat and Trotec.
Trodat Next 100 Years … Strategy 2020
For all the pride and tradition in the first one hundred years, everything revolves around the future at Trodat — entirely in keeping with the anniversary motto “The Next 100 Years”.
The specific strategy at Trodat up to the year 2020 is the reduction of Trodat’s CO2 footprint by 30%. Total Trodat Holding GmbH revenue of around €300 million is being targeted in terms of sales. Rubber stamp sales will account for around €200 million of this. The Trotec laser division is expected to grow to around €100 million.