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Selection of the 2013 Sustainable Designer

Trodat Nachhaltigkeit

Trodat ranked number 13 for all of Austria

Business Art, the magazine for sustainable businesses, has selected the Sustainable Designer of the year for the past five years. In Autumn 2013, a total of 46 experts selected the 2013 Sustainable Designers – Trodat ranked number 13, with CEO Markus Würcher (Marketing and Sales Stamp Components).
46 experts – CSR managers of public authorities, consultants, representatives of interest groups and NGOs – were invited to nominate companies and their sustainable projects. A total of 116 companies were nominated, all of which very impressively showed how a commitment to diverse sustainability can be implemented by companies.
In the next step, these 116 companies were reviewed according to the following criteria:
- Advanced Development/Innovation in the core business
- Implementation 2012/2013
- Integration of sustainability/CSR in the strategy
- Public communication of the Strategy.
Following this review, 62 companies made it into the shortlist. The experts finally determined from this group the companies that, in their opinion, truly embody sustainability, by awarding them points. At number 13, Trodat succeeded in ranking among the most sustainable companies in Austria in 2013.